University Engagement and Environmental Sustainability


Edited by: Patricia Inman and Diana Robinson

Universities have a key role to play in contributing to environmental development and combating climate change. The chapters within this volume detail the challenges faced by higher education institutions in considering environmental sustainability, and provide both a broad view of university engagement and a detailed examination of various projects. 

As part of this series in association with the Place and Social Capital and Learning (PASCAL) International Observatory, the three key PASCAL themes of place management, lifelong learning and the development of social capital are considered throughout the book.

While universities have historically generated knowledge outside of specific local contexts, this book argues that it is particularly important for them to engage with the local community and to consider diverse perspectives and assets when looking at issues within an ecological context. The chapters in this volume provide new perspectives and frames of reference for transforming universities by engaging in the development of resilient communities.

Community Visioning Programs: Processes and Outcomes

Community Visioning

Edited by: Norman Walzer and Gisele F. Hamm

This edited volume examines best practices of community visioning programs used across the U.S. to help cities identify future options and ways to implement strategies to reach them. The book focuses on outcomes achieved by these program as well as variations in approaches and techniques such as Breakthrough Solutions and Strategic Doing.

Community Engagement and Service Mission of Universities

Community Engagement

Edited by: Patricia Inman & Hans G. Schuetze