Policy Profiles

Vol. 12 No. 1, February, 2013

Employment Changes in Downstate Illinois and Business Climate Perceptions

Vol. 11 No. 4, December, 2012

Promoting Entrepreneurship in Rural Illinois 

Vol. 11 No. 3, November, 2012

Local Government Structure and Public Expenditures in Illinois: Does Governmental Structure Matter?

Vol. 11 No.2, May, 2012

Tax Caps on Illinois Local Governments: How Well Are They Working?

Vol. 11 No.1, March, 2012

Health Care in Rural Illinois: The Role of Critical Access Hospitals

Vol. 10 No.4, August, 2011

Illinois' New Look: How the Past Ten Years Changed the State

Vol. 10 No.3, July, 2011

Developing the Arts: A New Tool for Community Development Programs

Vol. 10 No.2, April, 2011

Local Government Structure and Public Employment: A Fresh Look at Illinois' Predicament

Vol. 10 No.1, February, 2011

Do Home Rule Governments Work Better? A New and Different Perspective


Archived Policy Profiles


Community Visioning Programs: Processes and Outcomes

Community Visioning

Edited by:

Norman Walzer and Gisele F. Hamm


Community Engagement and Service Mission of Universities

Community Engagement

Edited by:

Patricia Inman & Hans G. Schuetze



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