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Session rescheduled: "Responding to Vulnerable Populations in Your Community"

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of the workshops in the 2018-19 Illinois Township Management Academy session originally planned in October, will be rescheduled until late January or early February, 2019. The session, "Responding to Vulnerable Populations in Your Community," will be presented by Dr. Adrienne Holloway, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Aurora.

Following is a synopsis of the workshop for which registration will be announced soon: Local government is the level of government that is closest to its constituents and most responsible for providing direct services to individuals and groups.  Township governments are no exception, with general assistance, elder care services, passport services, mental health services, and road services among examples provided by townships in the greater Chicago area.  One key challenge for local governments is how to identify and be responsive to the needs of vulnerable populations in their communities. This session draws upon the expertise of the recently created innovation office in Illinois’ second largest municipality, the City of Aurora. Aurora’s diversity across almost every traditional demographic category provides challenges for targeting service delivery to especially vulnerable populations in the community. Insights will be provided regarding identifying vulnerable populations, structuring an innovation team for your local government; leveraging the existing resources in your local government, as well as overlapping governments and community organizations; prioritizing interventions; and measuring the success of targeting services to vulnerable populations.

Registration will be open via ITMA’s portals and information on marketing materials. The ITMA is a collaborative training program in its eighth year, developed, coordinated and delivered by NIU’s Department of Public Administration and the Center for Governmental Studies, both members of NIU’s School of Public and Global Affairs. Earlier workshops were held in October, 2018, at NIU-Naperville. Registration information.


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